Thrify Ways to Give a Room New Life

There aren’t enough hours in a day or enough days in a weekend.  It is Monday already and time to talk about “Things I Like”.  One of my favorite things is decorating and redecorating the home we live in now and the home we will one day have.  All of this decorating is completely imaginary … I do it in my daydreams as I flip through the pages of a magazine or click through pages on the internet or walk through the streets of my neighborhood, drawing inspiration from beautiful things I see.  Money is no object in my make-believe design frenzy, but in reality I have a budget and can’t afford to buy new furniture and fixtures every month.  Instead, I have come up with a few low-cost ways to breathe some new life and color into any home.

Pillows.  Better yet, pillow covers.  Just zip them over your existing throw pillows on your sofa or bed and give the room an instant color makeover.  Buying [or making] just the covers saves you from trying to find somewhere to store the pillows you aren’t using and makes it so easy to change things up anytime.

Try these colorful covers from Meringue Designs in Provo, Utah.


Lampshades.  We just purchased two new shades for the bedroom this weekend.  Want to DIY some new shades?  Check out this great article from Apartment Therapy on “Revamping Your Lampshades.


You can also change up a room by putting up new window treatments, or adding an accent wall with a bold paint color or interesting wallpaper pattern [later in the week, I’ll be talking more in depth about custom wallpaper]. 

You can refashion your bedroom in a snap with a new duvet cover.  There are loads of selections at The Company Store and they even have some great eco-friendly choices.


And for the kitchen, I came across these super cool chalkboard panels for your cupboards at Wallies.


And yet one more way to refresh the look of your home is to gather up all of your knick knacks and accent pieces and re-disperse them!  Thanks for reading!  Come back tomorrow for posts “All About the Babers”.  XO

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