Cheesus, Steak and Weiners, and Beard Crafting

I’m sure you have heard the news by now that Jesus has risen yet again … this time in a bag of Cheetos … again.  I was able to find four different Cheetos bearing what some thought to be a likeness of JC.  I also found a Chuck Norris Cheeto, a Loch Ness Monster Cheeto, an Abe Lincoln Cheeto, and then I stopped looking.  They all just look delicious to me.






Cat lover and odd crafter, Comestible Kid is to thank for these amusing cat nip toys.  In addition to the “meaty” nips are bagels and lox for the Jewish cats and tacos for the Latino gatos.  [Note – listed as organic, but the “Steak and Weeners” toy comes wrapped in a styrofoam tray.  Shame, shame.]



Erin Dollar from Portland has a blog all about beards that’s a pretty fun read.  Even more fun, the beards she makes.  Yes, she makes beards … in a variety of color and styles too!


And that is it for this week!!!  Today is Mike’s birthday and tomorrow is time to relax!  Come back Monday for more of the “Things I Like” series. XO

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