Spotlight: Anna Butler of Custom Made

In 2004, designer Anna Butler launched Custom Made out of her love for handcrafting, accessories, and all things adorable.  Anna grew up in Oxford in the UK, where she inherited the sewing gene from her “mum and gram”.  [My mom bought me a sewing machine that sits in the back of my closet taunting me.  I’m lucky if I can stitch a button back on … and so is my mom for that matter!]  A friend of mine in London tipped me off to Anna’s goods and I raved about the Tweet Brooches and French Daisy Necklace in one of my previous posts.  Anna creates some of the most darling handcrafted items I have seen in awhile … and with a sense of humor!  Check out this awesome “Beware of the Yeti” Brooch – guys can wear this too!

yetibroochOr these super cute “Mushie Cushies” to dress up your bed, sofa, or children’s room!


And last, but certainly not least, a beautiful Vintage Flower Ring – a perfect spring/summer accessory!


Custom Made’s merchandise has received the praises of London’s Sunday Times Style Guide, Print and Pattern, Indie Quarter, and several trendy magazines and blogs across Europe and the US.  Here in the States, you can find Custom Made wares at Renegade Handmade and Komoda in Chicago as well as The Makery in Louisville, KY or you can always order online at the Custom Made shop.  Anna also has a BLOG to check out!

Q & A

Anna Butler, Creator of Custom Made [How awesome is this pic?  LOVE IT!]

anna-custom made
What is the first craft you remember making?
“I used to make outfits for my Barbies.  The first item I made using a pattern was a Barbie sun hat!”

What inspires you?
“Inspiration for me comes from everywhere – it can be a fabric I see, a button, a pretty charm.  I am really into bright and pretty colors so I fill my head with them at all times.”

Your favorite color combination?
“For me, black and black!  For products, anything that goes well with a very pretty turq.”

dollybroochWhat are your best selling items?
“At the moment, the Little Dolly Brooch – everyone loves them!”

Five things you couldn’t live without.
“Anthony, my sewing machine, music, books, and at the moment Guitar Hero [sad, but true].”
[Note – No worries, Anna … I am addicted to Mario Kart on the Wii … addictive.]

Two things most people don’t know about you.
“I have watched Napoleon Dynamite so many times I know all the words, and I wish I could fly.  I dream about flying regularly.”

BIG THANKS to Anna from CUSTOM MADE!  I have a feeling this brand is only getting started!  XO

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