Boxes & Tape

This time, I have a great excuse for not posting – we are moving on Sunday!

Normally I love the moving process … going through everything & throwing loads of stuff away, packing it all up and then unpacking in a new space (my absolute favorite part!), but I am finding it a bit challenging to get it all done with a three year old shadow.

Just a few more days and we will say goodbye to our spacious loft and hello to our cute little house (with a YARD!!!).  I might miss some of the space, but definitely will not miss being able to hear everything (and I mean everything) our neighbors do through our one shared wall.  Ick.

Once we get settled, I will start posting again (and of course will post some pics of the new place).  Now I am off to the playground to tire out the little one and then to Home Depot for more boxes & tape.

4 more days.

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