Well, technically now it’s my last name.  But the name Furious Shirley came from this photo:


That is a photo of my daughter, Ava Shirley.  She was two weeks old and as you can see, very upset.  After this, we started calling her Furious Shirley whenever she would throw a little tantrum.  I liked the sound of it and so when I started this blog, it seemed like the perfect fit … and not because I am angry.  Furious can also be defined as intense passion and that is what the blog is all about.  Intense passion for all of the things I love – tots, blogs, cooking, eco-friendly, fashion, handmade, decor … you know, the pretty things.


I was born and raised in rural Ohio.  Way back in 1995, I moved to New York City and in October 2009 we relocated to Chicago and then to Portland and then back to Chicago… for now.  I spent most of my time in NY working in the music industry, handling international marketing and PR.  I also worked as a producer and agent for photographers.  I was the opposite of domestic and having a baby changed my world and brought me back to my roots – the simple things.  I love my life.

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