Kate Quinn Organics

I just discovered Kate Quinn Organics and ordered this Basil Bell Sleeve Tunic, but I wanted to order so much more!  [Don’t worry, darling … your wallet is safe … for now…]


What started as an organic baby clothing line, has grown into women, maternity, bedding, baby, and more!  Everything looks so comfy [and stylish too!].  Here are some of my picks – Those Skinny Sweats are going on my covet list!



I Heart Regretsy

I am so glad I read today … otherwise I may have never found Regretsy.

It’s a book, it’s a blog, it’s laughing at other people’s mistakes [and who doesn’t love to do that?!].




Great Storage Idea from Leethal Blog!

I saw these in my RSS feed last week from Do Stuff!  Leethal Blog by Lee Meredith and then again in a post by Re-Nest and so I just had to share this great idea with Furious Shirley readers!  Drawing inspiration from a Pringles can project on ReadyMade, Lee used coffee cans, contact paper, cardboard, duct tape, and contact cement to create these awesome storage cubbies.


Here pictured housing yarn, I can imagine these stuffed with all kinds of things!  For more details on making a set of your own, visit Lee’s Leethal Blog!


A Tall Drink of … Basil

One of my most favorite scents in the world is fresh basil.  It’s so clean and crisp and natural … sort of like fresh cut grass, but better … because you can eat it.  I have never been a big water drinker – I need some flavor in my beverage – so lately I’ve started flavoring my water with basil.


I love it!  You get the fresh scent with each sip and a hint of the spicy mint flavor of the basil.  I just rip a few leaves in half and stir them into my glass or into a large pitcher.  In my latest CB2 catalog, I came across this Ceylon Pitcher with a filter on one side so you can flavor your water, brew tea, whatever.  Must have!!

ceylonAnd don’t stop with basil.  Water tastes great when infused with cucumber, mint, lemon, lime, and orange too.  A great spring / summer taste sensation!


Do Your Own Taxes With Style

Birds are chirping, specks of green are pushing up through the soil, my winter clothes have all been neatly folded and stored away, receipts are piled up on the desk, thoughts deductions and dependents fill my head … yes, it’s TAX TIME!  Even if you’re expecting to get money back, tax time is not something most people look forward to.  It’s just one more thing we have to squeeze into our already busy schedules.  I was recently contacted about doing a giveaway on my blog for H&R Block’s At Home Deluxe software package and I thought it would be a perfect fit for all of my DIY readers.

With this software package [a $49 value], you can efile for free, get step by step instructions, automatic error check, audit and investment support, and the ability to import your data from the previous tax year and maximize your deductions.  Basically, it makes doing your own taxes a lot easier and saves you from having to pay the $300 I had to shell out to visit a tax professional last year.  Learn how to win this package HERE!

Now all you need are some must-have supplies to get your tax info in order and adorn your desk with some style!

This super cute notepad from It’s Our Earth Inc. is made from recycled floppy disks and acid free recycled paper.  Perfect for jotting down tax notes, grocery lists, or dreaded to-dos!


Get out your #2 pencils … these graphite pencils are from ForestChoice and are made using Incense-Cedar wood from an environmentally well-managed forest in California.


How fun are these drumstick pencils from ThinkGeek?!


A calculator is a tax time must have.  These models from the Japanese company, mimic a computer keypad [via geek alerts].  Great design!keypadcalc

Or for you Lego lovers, there is this building block calculator available from Pylones in red, black, blue, and green.


And my favorite is from Lexon – part of their bamboo line and last time I checked, sold out.  I’m hoping it will be back in stock soooooon!


Bring a little piece of nature to your work space with this pencil holder from Made in the Hudson Valley made out of a branch from a fallen maple tree.


You’re going to need a place to keep all of those receipts, so try this DIY Memo Pockets Kit from Paperama.  I would love to make these if I had the time [or the crafting skills].


baby / tots

Book Review: Danny The Dragon Meets Jimmy by Tina Turbin

I was recently contacted by the Imagination Publishing Group to write a review of Author, Tina Turbin’s new childrens book, Danny The Dragon “Meets Jimmy”.  I was excited to receive the materials and looked forward to reading a new story to Ava.  The package arrived and was filled with information on Tina, focusing on her work for Celiac Disease and Gluten Free living.  I thought that maybe the book was going to be about a boy with food allergies [not a bad idea], but it was not.  The story was an introduction to what I can only assume will be a series of Danny The Dragon books and told the tale of a small boy [Jimmy] who finds a talking shell at the beach that is home to Danny and his pal, Skipper.  Once home, Danny and his pal emerge from the shell, join the family for dinner, play outside with Jimmy and his friends, and then it’s off to bed.  At the end of the book, Jimmy asks Danny to tell him about the adventures life in a shell has taken him on, only to be told he will have to wait … and so will you … until the next book.  I must admit I was rather disappointed in this story and felt bad about writing a less than raving review, but everyone has their own opinion and this is mine.  It’s not that it’s a bad story – it’s cute, but it didn’t really go anywhere … and just when you think you are getting to the real story [of Danny’s adventures], the book ends and leaves you hanging.  I’m all for being left hanging [Lost is one of my favorite shows – lol], however this story ended before it even began and I am left not wanting to read the next book, but rather left wanting more than a dragon coming out of a shell.  And I would like to think my child does too.  I suppose if your child was really into dragons ….

I also received a DVD in my package for review.  The proceeds for the DVD go to the Blossom Montessori School for the Deaf [like that!], but unfortunately I wouldn’t spend any money on this video.  I’m pretty sure it was put together using iDVD [I made a disc of Ava that has the same titling and even the same song] and is just a slideshow of the book pages with narration and a woman signing on the side.  I was just not impressed with the production quality at all.  Maybe I’m being too critical since I come from a creative background and my fiance is a Creative Director and we are used to higher quality productions.  I know that sounds a bit snarky, but I just expected more.  I also received a CD review, and must admit that I have not had the time to listen to it.

I give Tina praise for her charitable work and belief in her causes … maybe the rest of the series will have a little more story and a little more soul.


Hand-Stamped Pillows by Heidi Devlin Design


I just ordered one of these handmade pillows by Heidi Devlin Design and I cannot wait for it to arrive.  I love pillows – they are such an easy way to change up a room.  I tend to rotate ours from room to room depending on my mood and the time of year.  I like to mix a few neutral colored throw pillows with some brightly colored ones to give the room a little jolt.  The French Patisserie pillow is going to look great on our sofa!


Reader Recipe: Veggie Sushi

The following post was sent in by reader, Sara Bimmel of Star Costumes in Toledo, OH.  Sara has an appetite for DIY, all things macabre, and of course Veggie Sushi!  I hope you enjoy her tutorial recipe!

At Home Veggie Sushi by Sara Bimmel

If you want gorgeous results with minimal effort, look no further. It helps to have a few pieces of special equipment to create these lovely works of edible art, but they’re easy to use, so don’t panic!

Head to your local specialty-foods store or Asian grocery and pick up a flat sushi paddle and a sushi mat.  [Often they come packaged together.]  You’ll also need a bag of sushi rice, which cooks up sticker and thicker than basmati or regular white rice. Finally, you need sheets of flat nori seaweed that you can use to wrap the sushi.

All set? Okay. Cook some rice according to the directions on the package. While it’s steaming and simmering, chop your desired fillings into long, thin strips. I’ve had good luck with thin carrot sticks, avocado slices, cucumber sticks, and fried sweet potato sticks, but you can use whatever you like—including fish, if you’re so inclined.

When the rice is finished, give it a few minutes to sit away from the heat so that it gets nice and sticky. Lay one sheet of nori seaweed on your sushi mat. One side will feel a bit rougher, and that side should face up. Use the sushi paddle to pat a thin layer of rice on top of the seaweed, but leave a rice-free margin of about 1/2″ to 3/4″ at the top of the nori.
Add your fillings about 3/4″ above the bottom edge of the rice. Don’t pack them in too tightly or the roll will be hard to close. When you’re ready, take the bottom edge of the mat and roll it up with the nori. Roll until the bottom edge of the nori forms a complete loop and meets more rice. Then peel the mat back slightly and keep rolling until your roll is completely sealed.

Believe it or not, that’s all there is to it. Slice it up into bite-sized pieces, serve with some wasabi, soy sauce, and pickled ginger, and enjoy!


Spring/Summer Purses [that are kind to your wallet]!

Your purse is one of your most important accessories.  It holds things that are near and dear to you – the things you need to get through each day.  Keys, phone, make-up, credit cards, glasses, tampons, breath mints, bobby pins … and the list goes on and on.  It is a reflection of who you are – not just on the inside, but the outside too.  A great purse is the key to looking and staying put together … I mean, if we trust these bags to hold such precious commodities, shouldn’t it look good doing it?

The fabric choices from Charm Design just scream SPRINGTIME!  SUMMERTIME!  I am in love with these zippered pouches, but they also have a wonderful selection of shoulder and tote bags too.  Pretty, fun, and simple – just the way I like it!


The hand woven cotton on this bag from Tippy Thai is the perfect pick for warmer weather.  There are lots of rich color selections to choose from in a variety of natural fabrics [cotton, hemp…].  Excellent casual bag.


Don’t be afraid of carrying leather in the hot summer sun.  While it may not be the ideal choice for a day at the beach, a leather tote is perfectly acceptable [and looks so cool] for a day lunching and shopping or a night on the town.  The bags at Hoakon / Helga are made from vintage leather jackets and other upcycled materials [awesome!].


You’ll definitely turn a few heads carrying this bright yellow pouch from Farrago Bags.  Their bags also come with a key chain monogrammed with your initials for a personal touch.


These simple and classic sailor totes from Bayan Hippo are just the thing for a day at the beach or strolling through the park.  Choose from a wide assortment of colors … I think I’m going to have to get one of these!bayanhipp

This bag by Spongetta is made from upholstery remnants and wrapped around two rattan rings.  Great bag to just pick up and go with!


How chic are these metallic zip pouches by Marketa in NYC?!  You can fill it up and toss it in your bag to help stay organized or use it as a clutch for nights out when you don’t want to lug around a huge purse!  There’s something about shiny things that just makes you want them … meow.


This gorgeous handbag [the manzanilla] by Zelaya was made with incredible attention to detail.  A raw cotton fabric [manta] is used and then embroidered with polka dots and sewn together with thread dyed using chamomile tea and finished off with a hand carved wooden handle.  It’s elegant, yet casual and I think it’s probably my favorite bag.  This one goes on my covet list for sure.



Cool Find:

While going through my RSS feeds this morning, I happened upon a post from Talk Crafty To Me about one of the coolest recipe sites [Recipe Look] I have ever laid eyes upon.  It is the creation of Artists & Designers, Amelie Labarthe and Tom Ballhatchet and filled with readers’ drawings of recipe instructions.  So clever – and the drawings are pretty amazing.  Many of them would look great as prints to hang in the kitchen …

Risotto alla Milanese by Emilie Boudet


Roasted Potato Wedges by Rachel Rauch


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