Halloween Costumes for Your Pets

This is our cat, Biggles.


I was planning on putting her into a cute pink argyle sweater with a choker collar and saddle shoe booties to make her a sock hop cat for Halloween, but she has other ideas.  Maybe if I could get her to come out from under the bed I could make another attempt at getting the sweater on, but right now not even treats can lure her.

If you have a more cooperative pet, there are some outrageously cute and outrageously ridiculous costumes you can buy or make for your four pawed companions.  At Pampered Whiskers, a portion of your purchase is donated to shelters and rescue organizations [more info on their site] so you can feel extra good about putting a sombrero or crown on your dog or cat.



Down Under Dog Designs can turn your pooch into the Big Bad Wolf [custom sizing available]!


Ever wondered what your dog or cat would look like with braided hair or an afro or long golden locks?  You can buy pet wigs like this “Heidi Hound Hat” at Trixie + Peanut!


They have a great selection of costumes [like this “Leap Frog Hoodie” – omg!] and tons of pet accessories.  If you’re NYC, you can visit their flagship store on E. 20th!


And if you’re up for making something on your own, how about turning your beloved Fido into a Corn Dog?!?!  Love it!  You can find the instructions at Doggie Stylish, where artist Karen Friesecke and her ‘spokesmodel’ Jersey offer lots of great products and tutorials [check out her blog].


Happy HOWLoween!! XO!


A Taste of Chicago

When you think of Chicago food, you think of pizza.  The other night we ordered delivery from Giordano’s, home of the “World Famous Stuffed Pizza”.

stuffed pizza

We got a pie with sausage, peppers, and onions … a super thick deep dish crust stuffed with your choice of toppings and the topped off with cheese and sauce.  Omigosh it was good.

stuffed slice

Over the weekend we drove to nearby Andersonville and had brunch at Big Jones on N. Clark Street.  I am kicking myself for not having my camera with me to take pictures of our meals.  Sooooooo good.  Their menu has a southern flair and uses locally grown, sustainably-farmed foods and is in one word, delicious.  Mike had the Andouille & Sweet Potato Biscuits and I had the Cheddar Corn Cakes.  The portions were big enough that we could barely finish and even little Ava had a few bites.  We will definitely be revisiting this restaurant and I’ll be sure to have my camera with me when we do!



Cookies & Milk

Knowing my love for cookies and milk, my better half [Michael] told me about this mug.  At first, I was like, “that’s stupid”, but then I saw it and now I want one.

The Dunk Mug – made by Mocha [UK] … available at Dwell for US readers.


baby / tots

Halloween Costumes for Kids – Buy Handmade or Make Your Own

It’s almost Halloween – this will be Ava’s first and we cannot wait to dress her up and show her off!  If you’re like me, you do not possess the crafting skills [or the time to even find out if you do] to make your child’s costume.  Luckily, there are people out there who can make them for you!

This handmade cowgirl costume by Uniquery here in Chicago is sooo adorable.  Add your own accessories [hat, handkerchief, boots, and a stick pony] and send your little cutie galloping off into the sunset on a quest for candy.


How cute would your little man be in this tool belt onesie made by Rock N Rags?!  Sizes range from 0 – 18 months and you can request long sleeves.  Pair it with some jeans and boots and you’ll have your own mini carpenter!


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I’m in Love with These SCARVES

I started writing a post about handmade children’s costumes for Halloween, but stopped dead in my tracks when I happened upon these totally awesome “Foks” scarves by Celapiu on Etsy. I can’t imagine a more hip scarf to keep me toasty warm … very sly.


The handmade scarves come in a variety of sizes and colors … all the way from Poland.  They also have some really cute gloves and hats to match.  Oh, and I can’t wrap this post up without showing you the “Golden Chain” scarf [comes in other colors too].goldenchain

How rad is that?!  I am in love with this brand … playful without being too silly to wear around.  Add these to my gift list!


Dreaming about Knick Knacks

I swear I have been dreaming about curtains … and pillows, wallpaper, lamps, and knick knacks galore.  Yes, knick knacks – those little things all over the house that gather dust, add personality, hold sentimental value, and just look cool.

Like this handmade ceramic “Ghost Camera” sold at Yellow Owl Workshop by husband and wife team Evan Gross and Christina Schmidt in San Fransisco.


I am putting this “White Iron Jack” from blonde birdie on my Christmas list and then I’ll put it on our coffee table.  They also have a wonderful selection of children’s items that I will be highlighting in my next baby / tots post!


Everybody needs a little bit of vintage in the home.  I found these itmes at hinsdvik vintage – some really great thrift shop wares [they also have a blog all about their finds, decorating, design, etc.]!



I Have a Baby, You Have a Baby – Let’s Hang Out

Since we only know one or two people here in Chicago [and no one else with a baby], I signed up for a couple of those meet-up groups for parents.  As one new mom I’ve been chatting with stated, “It’s like internet dating for lonely moms,”.  I wouldn’t necessarily consider myself lonely, but I am lacking in the friends with babies department.  I think that [especially in the case of first time moms] an outlet to share, compare, brag, and yes, even complain is an important part of motherhood.  There are never-ending lists of groups for every type of mothering style and personality [artsy moms, holistic moms, stay at home moms, etc.] and message boards with topics ranging from baby food recipes to pooping schedules.  Some meet-ups are for just moms to get together and chat over coffee, but most are playdates and get-togethers so your little ones can interact while you get time to converse with other moms in a situation like your own.  We haven’t attended any events yet, but are signed up to go to a Halloween party for babes too young to trick-or-treat.  I know that Ava will have a good time and I’m hoping Mike and I can meet some other parents we might actually like hanging out with.  It’s weird how your criteria for friendship changes once you have a baby.  We used to go out all the time and meet people at parties and local bars, but now we stay in and pray Ava will go to bed on time so we can have a few minutes to ourselves in front of the TV.  Gone are the days of being party animals and staying out until dawn … now we buy stuffed animals and wake up at sunrise.  And I wouldn’t trade it for anything.

Have a meet-up story you’d like to share?  Email me!!  XO


Underwater Dreams

I am finally taking a few moments to sit down … no unpacking, no cleaning, no hanging curtains … just me on the couch with the internet.  Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.

I’m not sure if I found these photos or if they found me … just what I was in the mood for – tranquil, mysterious, and completely captivating.  Born in Moscow and now living in the Bahamas [so jealous], Elena Kalis has been shooting these underwater scenes [with fairytale inspiration/interpretation] for the past year with her children and friends.  Spellbinding … beautiful … I love them!  Go ahead and hold your breath … happy endings are all around you.






We made it to CHICAGO!!  The new place is so spacious … I love it!  After three days of cleaning [the place was filthy when we arrived – unbelievable] and four of unpacking, we are almost to the fun part – decorating.  I swear I have been dreaming about curtains!  Now that things are settling down, I can start focusing on Furious Shirley again.  I have some great spotlight pieces in the works and will be introducing a few guest bloggers in the upcoming months.  I will also be out and about exploring some great Chicago shops and sharing my finds, as well as my usual product round ups … so stay tuned.  I’ll be starting my regular posts again on Monday!! XO

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Baby & Toddler Hats for Fall

Just a quick post during my packing up the apartment break to showcase a few super cute baby hat finds for fall!

This bonnet by Urban Baby Bonnets is absolutely adorable [and I love that it straps on because as soon as I put a hat on her head, Ava pulls it off] and is practical for summer and spring as well as fall!


I love the bright colors on this handmade beanie by Sweet Savannah Baby!


This heather gray pleated cap from Baby Melons is the perfect fall accessory for your little fashionista!


Top your handsome little boy’s head with this quilted hat with sherpa lining [also from Baby Melons].  It’s sure to keep him snuggly warm through the winter!


The color of this crocheted beanie cap by Two Seaside Babes is perfect for fall … and I love that buckle!


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