I love daybeds.  Not only do they look cool, but they are functional too.  Here are a few of my faves.


I could move right into this room, snuggle up under that pink throw, and have a wonderful afternoon nap.

via Bhouse


LOVE the pattern on this one.

via stephmodo


So simple, yet so pretty.

via Another Country


If I sat down on this one, you’d have a really hard time getting me to leave.

It looks beyond comfortable.

via emmas designblogg


Daybeds are great for kids too – this little girl’s room is so sweet and serene.

via the visual vamp


My daughter would totally adore this one!

via house to home


This nursery almost makes me want another one.

I’d much rather own that daybed. (wink)

via jennifer delonge


I think the idea of putting a daybed outside is genius.

It looks so inviting – the perfect place to sip a cold lemonade on a hot day.

via space plan studio


Can’t find the perfect daybed for your needs?  Build one!

via apartment therapy

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My Retro Moment

(Let’s totally ignore the fact that I haven’t posted since we moved into our new place.)

A few weeks ago we were strolling through our new neighborhood and I had a retro shopping moment at Seek Vintage.  Isn’t the dress totally cute?!  And I have a thing for vintage trays, so I just couldn’t resist.

I also picked up this ‘heart of stone’ at RR#1.  They have a TON of awesome stuff in there.


Boxes & Tape

This time, I have a great excuse for not posting – we are moving on Sunday!

Normally I love the moving process … going through everything & throwing loads of stuff away, packing it all up and then unpacking in a new space (my absolute favorite part!), but I am finding it a bit challenging to get it all done with a three year old shadow.

Just a few more days and we will say goodbye to our spacious loft and hello to our cute little house (with a YARD!!!).  I might miss some of the space, but definitely will not miss being able to hear everything (and I mean everything) our neighbors do through our one shared wall.  Ick.

Once we get settled, I will start posting again (and of course will post some pics of the new place).  Now I am off to the playground to tire out the little one and then to Home Depot for more boxes & tape.

4 more days.


Masculine Pink?

Luckily for my husband, I am not a big fan of pink.  Our three year old daughter, on the other hand, can’t seem to live without it.  I was curious if it was possible to pull off pink decor that didn’t scream “I’m a Girl!!!!” and this is what I found …

via HGTV blog designed by Gregory Augustine

via Apartment Therapy

via Elements at Home

via Forty 20 Four

While both my husband and I could live with these options, I think for now we will stick to letting Ava hog all the pink in our lives!

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Furry Frenzy

I love soft furry things and two persian cats just aren’t enough.

via huniford

found on pinterest

via styleseeking zurich

via pb teen

via pb teen

via opulent items

via jacco fashion

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Fancy Photo Weekend

(and by fancy, i mean instagram & camera+)

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Get Your Craft On!

I have always wanted to be a crafty person.  I suppose if I actually took the time to learn some crafting skills, I could make some pretty rad stuff.  Right now, I’m on par with my three year old and I figure we will learn to be crafty together. [Although I am darn good at making things look cool with spray paint – post forthcoming.]  The rest of you DIY mavens should pack up your sewing kits, letterpress blocks, scissors, glue, and glitter and head to the Craftcation Conference in Ventura, CA from March 22-25th.

This three day event was put together by the talented duo of Nicole Stevenson [of Random Nicole] and Delilah Snell [of The Road Less Traveled] [both co-produce the Patchwork indie art festival as well].  It’s a smorgasbord of workshops and lectures geared to help you start, improve, and maintain your very own indie business.

Want to make felt flowers?  You can do it at Craftcation.

Want to learn to bind books?  They’ve got a workshop for it.

Want to find out how to finance your business?  They have it covered.

Bake pies, make jewelry, learn wordpress, expand your business, make jam, take better photos, conquer social marketing, and tons more … sounds like a good time.  Wish I could make it.

Thanks to Nicole for letting me be a part of spreading the word.


My Favorite Quote

“Forgiveness is the fragrance

that the violet sheds

on the heel that has crushed it.”

-Mark Twain

(photo credit – Oleg Sidorenko)

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Paper Bag Puppets

Yesterday I got out our giant craft box, handed Ava a bunch of supplies, and watched her create these ‘Ava & Pixie’ paper bag puppets.

I helped by cutting out a few things she requested [hair, ballet shoes, etc] and she did the rest herself.  I think they are pretty cute and wanted to see what kind of paper bag puppets other people were making.  I’d love to see some of your own creations too!

I love this pirate!  By Amanda Formaro on Kaboose

From ‘The Star Wars Craft Book‘ by Bonnie Burton, Admiral “Sackbar”! LOL [via boingboing]

Toothy Guys by Michelle M. of Isle Tri

Rrrribit!  Cute and Simple Froggie from Learning Ideas

I am crazy about this owl made by Denise Sharp.  I think I’m going to buy a pack of brown paper bags today!


Love is in the Air

I am in love with air plants.  They are virtually un-killable, which is perfect for someone [like me] who always forgets to water the plants.  They have a lot going for them – durability, a unique look, and so versatile.  The perfect plant.  How do you display yours??

Pink Sea Urchin & Air Plant combo by toHOLD

Hanging Pods & Baby Head by mudpuppy

Whimsical Giraffe Planter by BoyGirl Tees

We used glass globes from West Elm filled with plants from Air Plant Supply Co to fill a blank wall.

Light Bulb Terrarium by Ryan’s DIY Craft Supply

Domsai Terrariums by Matteo Cibic [via GSelect]

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