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Star Wars Decor

My husband has a thing for Star Wars [gee, what guy doesn’t?].  He has a few tees and some little figurines [that we keep in his upstairs office – aka out of sight] and he and Ava have Star Wars battles with the lightsabers he bought her.  A little bit of novelty can be fun.

Like this print from Restyle Prints that I bought & framed and allowed into our living room.

I actually kind of like this Imperial Forces Wallpaper from Super7.

And this nursery featured on Apartment Therapy?  Almost makes me want to make another baby.

Another bedroom – by Mary of Quite Contrary.

At -At Walker lamp —- I LOVE IT!  (via Life Goods)

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To The One I Love

I just came across these prints by Amanda Catherine Designs and had to share.

Perfect for Valentine’s Day … or any day.  (Love you, MS)

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Postagram App! Adorable!

I love this app!  Choose a photo from your iPhone or Android [or send from the internet], specify a recipient, type a message, and Postagram will send it as a cute little postcard!

Just 99 cents to send a bit of love.  And the photo is perforated so the recipient can pop it out and keep it!  I especially love it because I don’t have to go to the post office.  XO

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The Best Gift

This year we brought a few of our family members to tears with this gift –

A mini book about little miss Ava.  It came out soooo cute!  We did a pic or two for each month of her existence and a few extra pages for some of her artwork and photos with family members.

We used Blurb to make the books and were really happy with the outcome.

I’m sure we will be making more books in the future … I’m thinking a wedding book would be great since I know I’ll never get around to printing photos and putting them in an album.

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Shop Crushes!

You would think that after the holidays I would be all shopped out … think again!  Now I have to spend Christmas cash and use up gift cards!  It would be easy to spend it all and more at my latest shop crushes – Alder & Co and Leif.  Alder & Co is in Portland [another love of mine] and Leif is based in my old hometown of Brooklyn.  Both shops are full of simple and beautiful things … how can I resist?

French Linen Tote (Alder & Co.)

“KNOT” Rope Basket (Alder & Co.)

Sailcloth Pot Holder (Alder & Co.)

Gemstone Magnets (LEIF)

Batik Coffee Scoop (LEIF)

Chrysocolla Necklace (LEIF)


Meet Pixie

This is Pixie.  Better known around our house as Pixielicious.

We have had her almost two years.  Isn’t she just adorable?

She likes to jump on my chest at 5am demanding to be petted, never lets me use the bathroom by myself, and lets Ava chase her around the house and put bows in her hair.  Meow.


New Year’s Resolutions I Plan to Keep

I’ve never really been one to make New Year’s Resolutions, but this year I think I’m going to give it a try.  And I figure, why wait until the 31st?

1.  Update this blog!  I have no problem changing my hair or my wardrobe or whatever else might not be ‘doing it’ for me anymore, so why not the blog?  There are little things that have been driving me crazy about it for awhile – like this font.  I hate this font now.  I feel like making some minor adjustments will make me want to blog more …

2.  Complete a blog post EVERY DAY.  Even if it’s just a sentence or a photo.  It will force me to take at least five minutes for myself.

3.  Stop biting my nails.  I have had beautiful nails only twice in my life and they only lasted for a few weeks and then I’m back to nipping them off again.  If I can break this bad habit, I can break them all!

4.  Continue working out a minimum of four times a week.  I’ve been pretty good with this the past month or so and I’d like to see myself keep up the good work and get back into those ‘way before Ava was conceived’ jeans.

5.  Finish what I start.  My husband says I am an ideas person, and it’s true.  I have lots of ideas, but very few of them ever come to life.  I even had the idea to write them all down and publish a book of ideas for other people to follow through.  Time to step it up!

6.  Learn photoshop.  Something I’ve been meaning to do for awhile now.

7.  Read more.  And not blogs or magazines – books.

8.  Start writing in Ava’s journal again.  While I was pregnant, I started a journal to give to Ava when she’s older.  I haven’t written in it in almost year.  [Yet another finish what I start issue.]

9.  Hire a babysitter.  Ava is three years old and we’ve never had a sitter.  A few times, either my mom or Mike’s parents have watched her while we slipped out for dinner, but other than that the three of us go everywhere together.  Time for a little one on one time with the husband [or some girlfriends]!

10.  Go to the dentist, eye doctor, and general physician.  It has been embarrassingly too long.


Vintage + Technology @ Anthropologie

I am totally in love with these items from Anthropologie’s latest catalog.  If I could be sure the technology wouldn’t change in a few years and deem these pieces nothing but eye-catching, I would have had an early Christmas for myself.  Still, they are pretty cool.

USB Typewriter

Victrola Docking System [which seems to be sold out already!]


Portland, We Miss You

I can’t believe it has already been two months since our vacation!  And at the same time, it feels like a lifetime ago.  Man, I really miss Oregon.  Our plane hadn’t even landed yet and I was already in love.  We spent two nights [not enough] in Portland and then a quick drive to the Northern Coast for a week of much needed R&R.  We all wished we never had to leave … it’s the sort of place we could happily live for – oh, i don’t know – forever probably.

If you’ve never been to Portland, you should.  It really is a beautiful city and we really needed more time to explore it, but what we did see totally impressed us [and that ain’t easy, folks].  At first I thought maybe I was just enamored because it wasn’t Chicago [sorry, Chitown], but that wasn’t it.  It just felt …. homey – in a very indie vibe sort of way if that makes any sense at all.  It has all the things we loved about Williamsburg circa 2005, but it’s CLEAN and frankly, not trying so hard.  The food truck scene is just beyond any I’ve ever seen and there were so many restaurants to choose from that if we had stayed much longer, I would have gained 20 pounds easy.  We weren’t able to sample too much grub in such a short amount of time, but if you go, please eat at Pok Pok – the food was fabulous and Michael is now obsessed with ‘drinking vinegars’.

Being tourists, we most certainly had to check out Voodoo Donuts.  Um, yum.
Then a walk along the waterfront, smiles, and playing in the fountain.

Then of course we did a little shopping … too many shops, way too little time.  Portland, we miss you and we promise to come back soon.  Next up, Oceanside … ahhhhhhhhhhh.


Living Room Makeover

I get to re-do our living room!!!  You have no idea how happy it will make me to not have to look at our current sofa anymore!  I’ve been working on my style page … what do you think?

The only thing it’s missing is a new sofa … still trying to pick one out, but it’s getting there.  I need to find some new curtains too.  I am keeping some of our existing lamps and accessories and will be sure to share the finished look with you when we get it all put together.  As for our old stuff … it’s going upstairs in “the room we never use” in hopes of turning it into a second family room that we WILL use.  I need to put together a style page for that too … stay tuned!  XO

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