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Silver & White: Etsy Style File

Sterling Baby Elephant Ring by Michelle Chang

Vintage Silver Pouffs from Fabulous Mess

Sea Urchin Votive Bowl by Element Clay Studio

Silk Scarf by Under the Violet Leaf

Tip Top Bag by Ployly Mingzy Bb’

Snowball Accent Lamp by Filigree Creations

Sterling Compass Pendant by Just Jaynes

Silk & Linen “Evelyn” Dress by Three Little Ducks

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Winter Picnic

I have spring fever … or maybe it’s just cabin fever, but either way I am longing for sunshine and warm breezes and days spent playing outside.  I guess that’s why Ava and I decided to do something different for lunch the other day.  We had a picnic.

A sheet, little sandwiches, veggies, and homemade blueberry muffins brought a little bit of sunshine to our winter routine.

Ava thought it was pretty cool to not have to sit at the table.  She cleaned her plate and then danced around the room singing, “we’re on a picnic … la la la la la”.  We might have to make this a regular thing.


Pretty in Pink Desserts

Okay, I know how overly commercialized Valentine’s Day is, but I still love it.  Pink and red and hearts and kisses, sappy romantic comedies, ‘Just Because I Love You’ gifts and cards, an excuse to curl my hair and paint my lips red and glossy … a head in the clouds sort of day.  Oh and did I forget to mention DESSERT?!

Raspberry Meringue Hearts – recipe at Women’s Day

Pink Strawberry Champagne Cupcakes (OMG) – recipe at Bubbly & Sweet

Bubblegum Marshmellows [my daughter would INHALE these] – recipe at Piece of Cake

Lovely Pink Grapefruit & Strawberry Granita – recipe at Back to the Cutting Board

Cranberry & Chocolate Mousse w/ Pomegranate – recipe at

Pink Popcorn Hearts [LOVE THESE!] – recipe from Pillsbury

Peppermint Bark [don’t like peppermint? -any crushed hard candy would work!] – recipe at Madly Stylish Events

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“I’m going to have so much fun, you guys!”

That is what Ava said when we told her we were going to go outside and play in the snow on Wednesday morning.  Totally worth venturing out into the aftermath of the blizzard here in Chicago.  Our parking lot was covered in drifts so it was the perfect spot for some snow play without having to dig out the car.  We may only have lasted about 15 minutes in the cold, but seeing her have so much fun [as she kept telling us every few seconds] was pretty priceless.


Bright Decor [Spring Fever!]

Okay, I am officially over winter.  Gray and blah and cold and slushy.  Enough.  I need some color in my life again.  Seeing some brightly colored decor makes me happy [and wanting to repaint the entire house].

[via Boris Breuer Interiors]

[via From Scandinavia with Love]

[via Morten Holutm]

[via Morning’s Light]

[via JashoDesign]

[via Homes & Gardens]

[via Sara Levasseur]


Unique Shelving Solutions

Whether you’re looking to organize, store or display, shelves are an easy way to get the job done.  We have a large IKEA Expedit unit in the living room that I am forever rearranging and looking for a way to make it more personal and less Ikea.  While looking for ideas, I found some other really cool ideas for shelving …

Crates.  I love old crates anyway, and hanging them on the wall gets them up off the floor and makes for a charming and cozy place to store things.  [And hello – casters!  Love it!]

DIY tutorial from Factory Direct Craft Blog

via SpiderWomanKnits

Loving these ladder shelves [um, and the guitar collection – especially the steel – killer].  Great for an industrial touch.

DIY tips via Networx

A shelf made out of magazines?  Yep – National Geographics.  Pretty darn awesome.

by designer, Sean Miller

Don’t have a fireplace mantle?  Make one and use it as a shelf.  If you’re not very wood shop friendly, scour craigslist and salvage shops that carry architectural items for an old mantle to use.

DIY via Linda of Burlap & Blue

Super rustic … I love bringing natural elements into the home and this driftwood shelf does it perfectly.

DIY via Design*Sponge

Bringing new meaning to the word bookshelf.  These shelves ARE books!  You can choose from a selection of titles too.

by Little Fish Furniture

I spotted this mod book hanger over at sfgirlbybay.  They come in black, orange and white and also function as a bookmark.  Give thanks to the ºes design label for this genius.

available at Sleek Identity

Who knew that mushrooms made such great display shelves?  The DIY is a little involved, but well worth it.  Will someone please make some for me????
DIY via Finder Maker

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Pimp That Globe

Today’s post is inspired by these beautiful collage globes by Artist, Wendy Gold.

Aren’t they just to die for?  The one shown below can be personalized to showcase your very own family tree.  Super cool.

Other people are doing some pretty awesome stuff with globes too … things you can even do yourself.  Here are a few of my favorite DIY globe projects:

This chalkboard globe made by Halligan Norris for Design*Sponge looks amazing and is fairly simple to make.

This global bowl made by Cathe of JustSomethingIMade was made by sawing a globe in half, and lining with old book pages and some glitter – pretty neat idea [and it makes one for you, one to give away!].

Get the tutorial for this cool Globe Pendant lamp from Project Create a Home.  I think I would add some metal hardware on the top, but otherwise genius.


Vintage Pull Down Maps

Now that we have so much wall space, I’ve been on the hunt for unique ways to fill it.  My latest love – vintage pull down maps.

image via Perry Stinson

image from Covet Garden via Desire to Inspire

image via Meaghan Scragg

image via mattmill00

image via Heidi

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Kisses & Curls

I tried out my new ceramic curlers set yesterday [an after Christmas gift – yeah giftcards!].  I didn’t brush them out or put any product in my hair and they lasted all day.  Ava told me my hair was pretty and I got to steal this kiss.

Can’t get much better … XO


Pick Your Nose Cups

Hope everyone is having a great holiday season!  We are still out of town, but I just couldn’t resist posting these fun party cups from Cox & Cox.

Now I’m off to look for a kids version with animal noses – how cute would that be?!


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