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Kids Clothes that I Want to Wear

Yesterday I happened upon Nonchalant Mom while flipping through the latest issue of La Petite [a beyond adorable online mag “to inspire you to create on the canvas of motherhood” … fashion, design – everything a mini you would want].  Some of the best kids clothing I have seen.  Some of it is a little pricey, but sometimes we splurge to look good, so why shouldn’t we treat our kids?  Anyway, my favorite look is by Nico Nico.  Their stuff looks so cozy – I must find someone that makes an adult version of this outfit … and some great knee high combat-inspired boots [for myself and for Ava!].


Kate Quinn Organics

I just discovered Kate Quinn Organics and ordered this Basil Bell Sleeve Tunic, but I wanted to order so much more!  [Don’t worry, darling … your wallet is safe … for now…]


What started as an organic baby clothing line, has grown into women, maternity, bedding, baby, and more!  Everything looks so comfy [and stylish too!].  Here are some of my picks – Those Skinny Sweats are going on my covet list!



Spotlight: Heidi Crawford of HMC Designs

I first became familiar with HMC Designs during an Etsy search for all things teddy bear [for my post, “Please Bear with Me“].  It was hard not to fall in love with the adorable designs of Australian Artist, Heidi Crawford.


The product list includes gift cards, badges [buttons], magnets, colorful plushies, hair bobbles, and baby bibs – all hand crafted and some are even customizable!  HMC Designs started in 2005 and quickly grew from selling at local market stands to a booming retail and online business.  With the recent birth of her daughter, I just had to find out how Heidi finds the time to do it all [because there are days I can hardly find the time to shower!].  I also wanted to know more about her business and motivation …. here’s the Q & A:

How do you balance being a new mom and running your business?

“I try to find a good balance between looking after my daughter, my home and finally my business! I do a lot of my design work when she is napping during the day and after she has gone to bed at night.  I am very lucky to have a wonderful partner and a close knit family who are always available any time I need help or someone to baby sit  for a few hours when I need to fill an order or spend time at a market.
I think the key to running my business successfully is making sure that I am really organized and set achievable goals. This means lots of  “To Do” lists!  There’s nothing better than ticking the “Done” box after you have successfully completed something.”

What is your best selling item?

“My best selling item would have to be my Wedding and Graduation cards.   weddinggrad

I have found that people really love the option to customize the faces so they look like the recipient. This feature makes the card that little bit more special when compared to the generic wedding card you may find in your local store.”

Where do you get the inspiration for all of the cute little characters?

“Currently, I am finding a lot of inspiration in children’s picture books, but I have always been fascinated with imagery from Japanese Pop culture.  As a child I practised my drawing by copying Sanrio characters and cute illustrations found in Japanese magazines.  From here I became interested in Anime and Pop Art in general.  For a few years now I have been collecting lots of colourful and interesting images, figurines and treasures.  All of these provide me with endless amounts of inspiration to continue designing and creating.”

Any plans to bring the products to US stores?

“Up until quite recently I have only been selling my products online and at local art markets.  I have just started approaching stores here and so far I have been getting a really positive response.  So once I have tackled the Australian market I hope to venture overseas to the US.  Having said that, if any overseas wholesaling opportunities pop up in the meantime I will definitely consider them.”

What makes you laugh?

“I love this super cute comic strip called “Patchesâ” –  It never fails to make me laugh.”

What is your favorite home decor item?
“My partner and I purchased some amazing outdoor “Roca” chairs from a fellow stallholder [Carey Potter] at an Artists’ Market here in Melbourne.  They have a really grungy, weathered feel – they don’t look it, but they are really comfortable!
When I have a spare moment, I love to sit out in my backyard on my Roca and relax.”

[Heidi, I just might have to come to Melbourne to get one of these chairs!  I LOVE THEM!!]

Have you been selling the baby bibs [they are adorable!] for awhile or was this something that came about when you found out you were going to be a mom?


“I started making the baby bibs after my daughter was born. I had a lot of trouble finding good quality cotton bibs that not only did its job but also looked good too.  I gave a few as gifts to friends who had recently had babies and after receiving a lot of positive feedback from them and after my own extensive testing with my own baby, I decided that they would definitely become part of my product range.”

Thank you, Heidi!!!  Can’t wait to see your stuff in the shops, but for now I am content with buying from your Etsy store!

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Cool Find – Baby/Toddler Recycled Chanel Hoodie

From Fashion Designer Julia Cepp’s mamamija children’s line … a bit pricey at around $72.00, but oh so cute!  Love the idea of making these recycled hoodies … now, if only I could sew!


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Baby & Toddler Hats for Fall

Just a quick post during my packing up the apartment break to showcase a few super cute baby hat finds for fall!

This bonnet by Urban Baby Bonnets is absolutely adorable [and I love that it straps on because as soon as I put a hat on her head, Ava pulls it off] and is practical for summer and spring as well as fall!


I love the bright colors on this handmade beanie by Sweet Savannah Baby!


This heather gray pleated cap from Baby Melons is the perfect fall accessory for your little fashionista!


Top your handsome little boy’s head with this quilted hat with sherpa lining [also from Baby Melons].  It’s sure to keep him snuggly warm through the winter!


The color of this crocheted beanie cap by Two Seaside Babes is perfect for fall … and I love that buckle!


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Get This Look – Baby Fashions for Your Little Girl

14 days until the big move and I can barely stand it! Time is moving so terribly  s    l     o    w.         I just want to be packed and unpacked and moved in already!  Patience is not my strong suit.

I know my postings have been sparse lately, but that will all change after we get to Chicago.  I have some exciting revamping planned for Furious Shirley … guest bloggers, shop features, dad’s point of view, and so much more!  In the midst of all this change, I was able to put together today’s “Get This Look” post from this pic I snapped of Ava looking cute as a button the other day.


To get this look for your baby, start off with a long sleeved onesie [if you have a baby, you already have tons of these hanging around].  Layer it with a cute tunic top or tank dress.  This is a great way to get more use out of summer tops and dresses and take advantage of summer clearance items like this adorable plaid top for only $3.98 at Target!


I also found this black and white polka dot set for $$8.48 at TargetTurn it into a fall look by layering a black long sleeved onesie underneath and then finish the look with a little white cardigan, socks and booties.


I love little baby leggings! They are so versatile and work for any season.  Pacifier has a great pair of American Apparel leggings that are cuffed around the ankles.


And these lace trimmed leggings [by Stella Industries] at Bubble are irresistible!


Ballet flats are the perfect cute and comfy shoe for your baby girl [if you can get them to stay on those wiggly feet!].  Tootsies Children’s Dance Wear has a beautiful pair of pink leather ballet shoes for only $11.95!


If you’re willing to splurge a bit, Couture Baby Boutique is where you will find these darling blinged out satin slippers.


And I just could not resist posting these handmade booties [“The Cicily Baby Shoe”] by The Vintage Clothespin.


Have a picture of your little one looking cute and stylish?  Email me for an upcoming fashion baby feature!!!!

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Cute and Quiet

My latest baby obsessions will make your cute baby even more adorable and help to keep your little one quietly occupied [especially helpful in public].

First up, leggings.  They make for easy diaper changes and add a bit of extra padding for crawling on those unforgiving wooden floors.  Oh, and they are SO OUTRAGEOUSLY CUTEPork Chop Kids make footed leggings, which I love [because as you know it is close to impossible to keep socks on a baby’s wiggly squiggly toes!].


There are also tons of footless options at really great prices in the handmade marketplace.  I found these styles on Etsy.

Click on Images to be taken to Etsy Store!




And here is a picture of Ava sporting a pair of her own!


Now, this next baby obsession of mine has been a real life saver on so many occasions.  If you do not have a mesh feeder, run out and buy one. I’m serious.  Not only can you give your baby fresh fruit well before they are able to chew it up and swallow it on their own, but it also serves as a teether when you put a frozen piece of fruit inside.  These qualities aside, the thing keeps Ava busy and has prevented many a tantrum.  I do not leave home without one.  I recommend never putting banana in this, as it was close to impossible to get out.

Item shown, by Munchkin.



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Send Me Your Handmade, Baby

It is 8:11AM and I cannot believe Ava is still sleeping.  She even slept through a massive thunderstorm last night!  I am taking advantage of these extra morning minutes by preparing a post for this afternoon.  I have received lots of submissions from across the country and today I am showcasing a few of my favorite baby goods!

First up is Bibs 4 Drips by Edith in California.  Edith is the mother of two [Lukas, 4 and Matilda, 17 mo.] and I am sure they were the inspiration for these darling mini bibs.  Just the right size to keep chins drool free and still be able to see whatever adorable outfit your little one is wearing!  And no new mom can ever have enough burb cloths … Edith makes hers from 100% cotton jersey – soft and absorbent.



These next items were submitted by Laura in Utah.  Laura has a photography business, loves to crochet, and is the mother of Cody, Tyler, Jayden, Brycen, and Kaydee.  God Bless … I have my hands full with one!  You can purchase Laura’s creations at her Etsy Store or at her Bluebonnet Designs site.

This soft little newborn cocoon looks so cozy that I think I want an adult sized one to curl up in on cold winter nights!  [You can get them with hoods too!].  And the banana … too cute for words!



Big Thanks to everyone who has been sending me submissions!  Just a reminder that I accept submissions from independent designers and makers of handmade goods as well as readers’ recipes and tips!  Keep ’em coming!  XO!

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Renegade Craft Fair Finds for Baby

The first post for today is a continuation of yesterday’s finds from Brooklyn’s Renegade Craft Fair.  Amidst the onesies embroidered or printed with oceanic animals and mustaches, I found a few pearls [maybe I should make a onesie with an oyster and pearl print … ah, another idea i will never follow through on!].

I am kicking myself for not purchasing one of these Growth Charts at the craft fair because now they seem to be sold out!  I love the giant safety pins and little tags.  Another one of those great ideas that I could make at home, but will never get around to it.  I guess I will have to wait for Miss Natalie to make more!


Ok.  How awesome is this Diamond Bling Bib from Hello Banjo in Brooklyn?


And with Father’s Day right around the corner, how can you resist this Daddy and Me onesie [also from Hello Banjo]?


I have always loved the look of linen on a warm spring or summer day.  It makes me think of picnics and meadows and I can just imagine little Ava running barefoot in the sunshine with daisies in her hair wearing one of these lovely linen dresses by Pip-Squeak Chapeau.linendresses


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