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Tuesday: “All About the Babers”

Is Anything Safe?

BPA in bottles, Phthalates and Parabens in bath products, Pesticides in food, and the list just goes on and on.  As if I needed more things to worry about as a first time mom!  I try to be as ‘organic’ as possible when it comes to my little one, but it isn’t easy.  Many products labeled ‘natural’ aren’t and when there seems to be a new toxin to look out for every day, things can get confusing.  I have had people say to me, “What’s the big deal?  Our parents used that stuff on us and we’re just fine,” but are we?  Am I willing to take the chance and use products containing ingredients that can cause a wide range of problems including early onset of puberty in girls and uro-genital abnormalities in boys, diabetes, obesity, cancer, skin irritation, and ADHD?  The answer is NO.

I reccommend checking out Safe Mama, a wonderful website dedicated to providing up to date information regarding recalls and non-toxic eco living.  It’s also a good idea to spend some time at the EWG’s Cosmetic Safety Database, a safety guide for the personal care items and cosmetics you have in your own showers, medicine cabinets, and make-up bags.

The Madeline Bea Soap Co. has a great alternative to baby wipes – Owl Naturale Cleaning Solution is made with wholesome ingredients as opposed to harsh chemicals.  They also offer several soap options for baby and lots of great products for mommy too!



Learning is Fun

We all want our children to be geniuses and this first physics book and set of flash cards for “baby nerds” from Tiffany Ard are perfect gifts for any future ivy league scholar.



Babies start learning in the womb and the first five to eight years of life present such an important window for development.  Stimuate your baby’s brain TODAY!

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