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Coasters Your Gramma Didn’t Have

My grandmother has had the same set of coasters for over 30 years.  They look very much like this set of vintage coasters I found at Moxie Thrift.


Nowadays, coasters have a lot more flair … but I’m not sure that will make you any more likely to actually set your drink on one.

I love these Rock ‘n Roll coasters by INOUDID’S Attic!  They are made from recycled album jackets and you can choose from various genres [Big Band Era, Rock, Country, Jazz, etc.] so you can put your drink on anyone from Barbara Streisand to Def Leppard.


These cool pebble coasters are made by Little Factory and although they look like stone, they are made from microfiber and EVA so they bend and absorb!



These cool coasters available at EarthLover are made from recycled circuit boards – how awesome is that?!  Colorful and definitely unique – a great gift idea for your tech loving friends!


Find yourself thinking, “Hey, I can make those!”? Check out the coaster how to’s at Miss Behave!!  XO!

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