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Great Storage Idea from Leethal Blog!

I saw these in my RSS feed last week from Do Stuff!  Leethal Blog by Lee Meredith and then again in a post by Re-Nest and so I just had to share this great idea with Furious Shirley readers!  Drawing inspiration from a Pringles can project on ReadyMade, Lee used coffee cans, contact paper, cardboard, duct tape, and contact cement to create these awesome storage cubbies.


Here pictured housing yarn, I can imagine these stuffed with all kinds of things!  For more details on making a set of your own, visit Lee’s Leethal Blog!


I Tried To Make It – Pom Poms & Snowflakes

I kept seeing these pretty tissue paper pom poms in all of my crafty RSS feeds and thought, “Those look simple enough even for me to make.  How hard could it be?”.

image via my whimsy [flikr]


I had visions of little pom pom garlands wrapped around our tree and hanging festively in the windows so I went out and picked up some red and gold tissue paper.  I found a great tutorial at Imperfectly Beautiful with pictures big enough I could see what I needed to be doing.  I wanted them to be all different sizes, so I got busy cutting squares and stacking them.  Then it was time for the simple accordion fold.  “This is so easy!  I’m going to succeed at a something crafty!”  Instead of using floral wire, I used string to tie around the center so I could easily keep adding to my garland.  Then you are supposed to trim the ends in a round or pointy shape [something I forgot the first two tries – yes, I failed] and start carefully pulling away the layers one by one until you have a fluffy pom pom.  I was pulling too hard and some paper ripped and then they just ended up looking like flowers [they weren’t very round].  I kept telling myself, “Come on, Shannon.  This is kid’s stuff.  You can do it.”.  I gave my first tries to my daughter [who is one and probably more competent at making these than I was at this point] who shredded them all over the floor so I could have the joy of finding bits of tissue paper all over the house.  [Yeah, I should have seen that coming, but I was too busy trying to make just ONE of these things.]


Eventually, I got one pretty nice pom pom and one smaller flower looking pom – not exactly a garland.


They are still sitting on my dining room table just daring me to try again.  In the end I sat down and started cutting snowflakes [based on this tutorial].  You really can’t go wrong there.  I put a few on the tree and in the window and called it a day.  [The little fence is so Ava and Biggles {our cat} can’t get to the tree – not very festive, but sometimes practicality wins.]


Where do the crafty people find the time?  They must not have small children or maybe they stay up all night like little elves thinking of cute stuff to make that will make someone like me feel inferior.  But if I can’t make it, someone can and then people like me can just buy it.  If any of you are interested in doing a guest blog craft tutorial, let me know!

Happy Holidays! XO


Love Notes, Newspaper, and Recycled Egg Cartons

Just a quick post today to share a few crafty finds I came across this week …

I fell in love with this the moment I saw it!  A embroidered love note via kate.cupcake.  She makes custom notes too – just check out her Etsy Shop for details!  [Great gift idea!]


I’ve seen tons of crafts you can make from recycled egg cartons and they all look like, “Hey, look at this crappy craft I made out of recycled egg cartons”.  Then I saw these lights on esprit cabane … they actually look like something I might put in my house.  And they are super easy to make.  I bet they would look great brushed with a little gold or silver leaf paper too!


And if I ever have time to make something, I might make one of these baskets fashioned out of newspapers.  What a great idea!  Get the details at CraftStylish.



Take Their Knitting Needles Away

I’ve been short on time this week and am super short on time today as we are heading up to Peekskill and Cold Spring, NY to check out a house and drive around, so I am relying on Craftster to give me what I need to get you your weekly dose of funny, weird, and interesting finds!


That is a crocheted salad hat.  Yes, a salad hat.  You wear what you eat??? [groan]

This next one was listed under the title, “Awesome new tiny shirt!” … um, she can’t be serious, can she?  Did she run out of yarn?  Is the shirt for someone else?  I don’t get it … apparently, neither does she. [Sorry!]


I thought I had seen it all, but onesies with the faces of the cast of Law & Order SVU stitched into them?!?!?  You are under arrest.  [Although I must admit that the embroidery work is pretty good.]


And now I will leave you with this weird “How To” instructional guide find.  “How to Know What to Carry in Your Purse“.  Seriously, if you need a ‘how to’ guide for this, you don’t deserve a purse.

Catch you Monday!!! XO

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