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Cute Crochet from Frolicking Leaves

I can’t sew, I can’t knit, and I sure as heck cannot crochet.  I did try to make a pillow for Ava once while I was pregnant … didn’t turn out too bad, but there is still an opening on one side because I never learned how to do the closing stitch.  The closest I’ve come to knitting or crocheting [and this is quite a stretch] is doing one of those latch hooks rug kits when I was a kid.  For some people, wielding a pair of long needles [or hooks, I think they’re called] and turning a ball of yarn into something other than a potholder is second nature.  Etsy shop owner, Angie of Frolicking Leaves, is a great example.

Angie lived with her grandmother while she was student teaching in 2001 and from those skilled hands, she learned the craft of crochet.  She refined her skills, began creating her own fun designs, and opened up her shop in October ’09.  Once she perfects a design [which can take days of starting to crochet, pulling apart, starting over, and finally nailing it], Angie can stitch up a pair of booties or an adorable hat in couple of hours.  So jealous.

Over the holiday season, these felted crochet ballet slippers [omg i love them] were selling fast, just like her current line of hats.  One lucky reader will even WIN A HAT just by leaving a comment.  [View Giveaway Details]

Angie is also a mom – two kids, ages 6 and 22 months – and spends a lot of late nights crocheting while the kiddos sleep.  She has even helped her daughter open up her very own Etsy shop [Greta’s Paper Art] to sell her crayon creations.  What a cute idea!

Just like any mom, we need to find ways to unwind.  Angie’s, of course, involves crocheting … as well as a good cup of coffee and an episode of Little House on the Prairie.  Don’t laugh – I actually love that show too.  :-)  Thanks so much to Angie for taking the time to share a little of herself with me … and don’t forget to check out the Frolicking Leaves Giveaway!  XO

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Send Me Your Handmade, Baby

It is 8:11AM and I cannot believe Ava is still sleeping.  She even slept through a massive thunderstorm last night!  I am taking advantage of these extra morning minutes by preparing a post for this afternoon.  I have received lots of submissions from across the country and today I am showcasing a few of my favorite baby goods!

First up is Bibs 4 Drips by Edith in California.  Edith is the mother of two [Lukas, 4 and Matilda, 17 mo.] and I am sure they were the inspiration for these darling mini bibs.  Just the right size to keep chins drool free and still be able to see whatever adorable outfit your little one is wearing!  And no new mom can ever have enough burb cloths … Edith makes hers from 100% cotton jersey – soft and absorbent.



These next items were submitted by Laura in Utah.  Laura has a photography business, loves to crochet, and is the mother of Cody, Tyler, Jayden, Brycen, and Kaydee.  God Bless … I have my hands full with one!  You can purchase Laura’s creations at her Etsy Store or at her Bluebonnet Designs site.

This soft little newborn cocoon looks so cozy that I think I want an adult sized one to curl up in on cold winter nights!  [You can get them with hoods too!].  And the banana … too cute for words!



Big Thanks to everyone who has been sending me submissions!  Just a reminder that I accept submissions from independent designers and makers of handmade goods as well as readers’ recipes and tips!  Keep ’em coming!  XO!

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