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Cardboard Castle

I am so excited for Christmas this year.  I cannot wait for Ava to see what Santa brings – she is finally at the age where she knows what presents are and it is going to be AWESOME!  Our latest Santa purchase was this Cardboard Castle from Box Creations.

I can already see Ava scribbling all over it and hiding inside with our cat, Pixie.  They also make a space shuttle, cottage, and princess carriage with more designs coming soon.  Love it … and a bonus – I picked ours up via Zulily for 50% off [while supplies last].  Now, don’t think this takes the place of a plain old cardboard box – we still have fun with those too, but this takes it to the next level, as I am not crafty enough to fashion a castle out of those. :-)

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Cute Stuffed Things

Ava is only 15 months old and already has more stuffed animals than I have places to store them.  Most of them fit into the little vintage doll crib I brought back from my gramma’s house, but there is also a basket of puppets on the shelf and a box of furry monsters in the corner.  A majority of these stuffies were gifts – people just can’t resist buying cute stuffed things!  Who can blame them – especially when they are as cute as these …

This handmade birdie rattle [named Enid] is made from vintage chenille and is so lovable and adorable and huggable!  You can find her and many other cuddly creations at Leah’s Etsy Shop!chenille

How can you not love these little egg people?!  You can even choose faces that reflect your own family!  Made from mohair needle felted wool and merino, these little cuties are irresistible!  Available at the AsherJasper Etsy Shop.


Vicky [from the above mentioned AsherJasper shop] also makes these imaginative rattles [made from pure wool – very eco-friendly].


This 22 inch tall giraffe is so colorful and [for lack of a better word] cute!  Find it at Biggy Piggy!


Move over sock monkeys and make room for these darling dollies by Chickabiddy Baby Boutique!  You can choose boys or girls and even have them made with custom colors.  The dolls are around 13 – 15 inches and also come in a smaller rattle option.


What stuffed animal collection is complete without a bunny rabbit?  This little hopper is made from 100% cotton and available at Blonde Birdie.


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Fun in the Sun – Kids’ Crafts & Toys for Summer

With summer just around the corner I thought I would highlight a few fun in the sun toys and crafts to help keep your little ones entertained!

First up is this Sand Play Set by Green Toys Inc. for the sandbox or trips to the beach!  All of their toys are made in the USA using recycled milk jugs, contain no BPA, phthalates, or lead paint, and the packaging is made of recycled cardboard!  Fun, safe,  and eco-friendly!


There are few things more fun than finger painting.  Don’t let your kids have all the enjoyment – make your own messy masterpieces too!  Planet Green has an easy recipe for non-toxic, completely natural fingerpaint … safe enough for the littlest Van Goghs.


If you like crafting with your kids, Ecoart is a great book I found on the Think Button site that also teaches your children about the environment.  [Excerpt from product desrciption: “Nature’s bounty becomes the tool through which children learn to respect nature, care for their environment, and preserve the earth’s fragile ecological balance. All of this is done while discovering their own artistic natures.”]


And how cute is this Walking Elephant from Plan Toys?!?!?  It’s a rocker that “walks” forward when your child rocks from side to side.   Plan Toys is a green company that manufactures green toys using ‘responsible and sustainable” methods.  For more information on their standards and company, click HERE.


Find great eco-friendly selections for your little ones by clicking on the ad below!


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