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Fun with Food – Art, Books, and Gourmet White Castle

I’ve been a little behind on my posts the past week or so … so much going on!  Ava is approaching the nine month mark and is more active than ever [what on Earth will I do when she starts walking?!?!].  She loves pulling herself up on anything she can reach and her new favorite hobby is taking things out of boxes or off of shelves and throwing the contents onto the floor for me to pick up so she can do it all over again.  And we are planning a move in the next month or so [more details on that to come]!!  I’ve started several posts that I haven’t had the time [or energy] to finish, but today I am determined to hit that “publish” button!

It’s no secret that little ones love to play with their food, but now it seems to be all the rage for adults too.  The only difference is that we adults call it Art instead of a mess!

Brazilian artist, Vanessa Dualib, turned her passion for playing with food into a book rightfully titled, “Playing With Food”.  This book is fun to look at and although I don’t think it was her intention, gives me tons of ideas for getting kids to eat their vegetables!!



Doesn’t this look like a tasty tapas platter you might find at some popular eatery?


Guess again!  It’s all made from this fast food order from White Castle!!  For more gourmet fast food creations, check out Fancy Fast Food!


This installation by talented artist, Hanna Von Goeler, is titled “Biogen” and drew inspiration from the genetic engineering of tomatoes.  The wire sculpture is covered in dried tomato skins that have been sewn together.


And to round up today’s fun food post, I leave you with the twisted foodie blog, Insanewiches.  The title says it all [insane sandwiches].


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