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Found These at Target Today!

Just got home from a quick trip to Target to pick up a few household supplies.

As I passed by the home goods section, a few newer items caught my eye.

Loving the bright orange on these stools / side tables!

These wooden and felted stools are pretty cool too.  If only I had a place to put them!

I thought this cork table lamp was pretty cute!  Might have to pick one up on my next trip.

And this side table … hexagons, metallic finish … not bad, Target, not bad.



I love daybeds.  Not only do they look cool, but they are functional too.  Here are a few of my faves.


I could move right into this room, snuggle up under that pink throw, and have a wonderful afternoon nap.

via Bhouse


LOVE the pattern on this one.

via stephmodo


So simple, yet so pretty.

via Another Country


If I sat down on this one, you’d have a really hard time getting me to leave.

It looks beyond comfortable.

via emmas designblogg


Daybeds are great for kids too – this little girl’s room is so sweet and serene.

via the visual vamp


My daughter would totally adore this one!

via house to home


This nursery almost makes me want another one.

I’d much rather own that daybed. (wink)

via jennifer delonge


I think the idea of putting a daybed outside is genius.

It looks so inviting – the perfect place to sip a cold lemonade on a hot day.

via space plan studio


Can’t find the perfect daybed for your needs?  Build one!

via apartment therapy


Living Room Makeover

I get to re-do our living room!!!  You have no idea how happy it will make me to not have to look at our current sofa anymore!  I’ve been working on my style page … what do you think?

The only thing it’s missing is a new sofa … still trying to pick one out, but it’s getting there.  I need to find some new curtains too.  I am keeping some of our existing lamps and accessories and will be sure to share the finished look with you when we get it all put together.  As for our old stuff … it’s going upstairs in “the room we never use” in hopes of turning it into a second family room that we WILL use.  I need to put together a style page for that too … stay tuned!  XO


I Want New Furniture!

Let’s just overlook the fact that I haven’t been posting much lately – it’s hard to bring your laptop to the pool or the beach!  Even when I do get the chance to open my computer, I have been working on booking our vacation and looking for FURNITURE!  We have been talking about getting a new couch and coffee table for months, but instead have bought a new ottoman, rug, lamp, little chair for Ava, and other small decor items.  It’s like when you open your closet and suddenly hate all of your clothes and can’t find anything to wear that you think you look good in anymore.  I’m just ready for a new look.  We have been talking about moving into a new place, which is probably fueling my new furniture fire … and while it’s probably smart to wait until we move and see what the new space looks like, I just can’t help myself.  Doesn’t hurt to look, right?

The ottoman we picked up is a bit more of my husband’s taste, but I can work with it.  Styled after the Mies Van der Rohe Barcelona chair, this white leather ottoman is our test to see how our two cats do with something leather in the house.  So far, no scratch marks!

We also picked up a large Hand Woven Jute and Leather rug that looks a lot like this. but a darker color pattern:

The new lamp, which I totally LOVE:

And even though I’ve outgrown buying large furniture pieces at Ikea, it’s still worth a trip every now and then to pick up cute little things like this Ava sized chair:

As for a new coffee table, I have always lusted after the Noguchi Tribeca table.  I remain on the hunt for a great deal on a well done reproduction.

The couch.  Oh the couch.  It was Mike’s couch he had when we first moved in together.  An IKEA Tylosand.  I’m just over it … or am I?  Bemz is finally making slipcovers for it and they have some pretty killer fabric choices [samples on their way to me!].

The possibilities are pretty close to endless.  So, I’m torn – new sofa or half the price to cover the old one?  Maybe both?  We could use a couch upstairs in Mike’s “office”.  I’ll keep you posted … as soon as I get back from the beach. XO

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