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Cardboard Castle

I am so excited for Christmas this year.  I cannot wait for Ava to see what Santa brings – she is finally at the age where she knows what presents are and it is going to be AWESOME!  Our latest Santa purchase was this Cardboard Castle from Box Creations.

I can already see Ava scribbling all over it and hiding inside with our cat, Pixie.  They also make a space shuttle, cottage, and princess carriage with more designs coming soon.  Love it … and a bonus – I picked ours up via Zulily for 50% off [while supplies last].  Now, don’t think this takes the place of a plain old cardboard box – we still have fun with those too, but this takes it to the next level, as I am not crafty enough to fashion a castle out of those. :-)

baby / tots

Fun & Funky Crayons!

What kid doesn’t love crayons?  Sitting down to color with Ava is one of my favorite times of the day … even if she only wants me to draw smiley faces.  The other night I came across these naked statue crayons [The COLOURS] made by designer, Heli Heitala and was inspired to find more cool and funky crayon sets.

These recolored alphabet crayons are made from broken crayon pieces by Niklyn Designs.  I love the imprints in each of them, not to mention how pretty they are!

Niklyn Designs also makes owls, turkeys, stars, and lots of other cute shapes – these would make excellent party favors!

Soooo adorable – kitty egg crayons from Kitty Baby Love!

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Have A Safe [and Fashionable] Flight!

My mom, gramma, Aunt Karen, and Cousin Val arrive today from Ohio.  I am picking them up in the airport in a little while … if in fact they make it on the plane.  You would have thought they were traveling to a Third World country.  It is my mom’s first flight and the rest have only flown one or two time before, but still.  All four of them apparently had something against checking any baggage and decided to try to cram five days worth of clothing and supplies [along with gifts for the baby] into carry ons.  Frantic phone calls and emails flooded the airwaves … “What about my hairspray?”, “Will my curling iron be okay going through the X-Ray machine?”, “Can I put my purse into a tote bag [with a bunch of other crap] and have that be my personal item to carry on the plane?”, “Will I have to remove my partial plate to go through security?”.  You gotta love family.

Here are a few fun, smart, and chic travel finds …

If you’re going to travel, you might as well do it in style!  There will be no mistaking your luggage with these colorful corduroy luggage tags by jack and bee.  Pick a style to match your own personality … and pick up a camera case and passport holder too!



Traveling with kids?  Keep them entertained [and organized] with a cute coloring wallet [what a great idea!] from Sew Fantastic.  [This would also make an awesome gift – comes in lots of different patterns.]


These super handy travel amenity kits are from Flight 001.  They also have lots of mini essentials, a good selection of toiletry bags, and tons more travel gear.


Have a safe flight!  XO

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