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Handmade Custom Wedding Albums & Guest Books

Ok, I know … I’ve been slacking off on the blog lately.  I do not know where the time goes, but it goes fast.  We are working on moving soon so my free time has been eaten up by browsing at apartment listings … and Ava, oh Ava!  Nine months old and on the verge of WALKING!  She can take about four steps and then she’s on her bum, but you can see the determination on her face.  So as you can imagine, I have my hands pretty full.  That said, I have a few minutes while I wait and see if Ava is going to fall asleep in her crib to bring you today’s post.

After the vows have all been said and the cake has all been eaten and the honeymoon is over [so to speak], you will want to look back and remember all of the beautiful moments from your wedding day.  These handmade custom wedding albums and guest books will hold your memories and well wishes for many years to come.

The photo album keepsake and guest book by Daisy Blu boast hand stitched embellishments and archival quality paper.  Very simple and very elegant.



The handmade albums and guest books by Priscilla Foster are filled with loving care and attention to detail.  Choose from a variety of fabrics, ribbons, and other personalized touches.


Know someone that makes albums and or guestbooks?  Send me a link in the comments section … I love checking out new stuff!!!

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