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Pick Your Nose Cups

Hope everyone is having a great holiday season!  We are still out of town, but I just couldn’t resist posting these fun party cups from Cox & Cox.

Now I’m off to look for a kids version with animal noses – how cute would that be?!



Natural Flavor?

I’ve been too busy unpacking and dealing with incompetent utility companies to have time to find things to blog about, but my Cousin Val sent me this photo I thought was so funny I had to share it.

Natural Flavor with OTHER Natural Flavor????  C’mon, Triscuits.  Seriously??  Just too funny.


I Heart Regretsy

I am so glad I read thedailygreen.com today … otherwise I may have never found Regretsy.

It’s a book, it’s a blog, it’s laughing at other people’s mistakes [and who doesn’t love to do that?!].



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