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Shop Crushes!

You would think that after the holidays I would be all shopped out … think again!  Now I have to spend Christmas cash and use up gift cards!  It would be easy to spend it all and more at my latest shop crushes – Alder & Co and Leif.  Alder & Co is in Portland [another love of mine] and Leif is based in my old hometown of Brooklyn.  Both shops are full of simple and beautiful things … how can I resist?

French Linen Tote (Alder & Co.)

“KNOT” Rope Basket (Alder & Co.)

Sailcloth Pot Holder (Alder & Co.)

Gemstone Magnets (LEIF)

Batik Coffee Scoop (LEIF)

Chrysocolla Necklace (LEIF)


Cool Find! Jar Tops – Mason Jar Lids

I love the look of mason jars.  I even have one I use as drinking glass … so I was pretty excited when I saw these Jar Tops on Re-Nest!


Available at Unica Home – Set of 5 lids for $25.00 in Charcoal or Green.


Cookies & Milk

Knowing my love for cookies and milk, my better half [Michael] told me about this mug.  At first, I was like, “that’s stupid”, but then I saw it and now I want one.

The Dunk Mug – made by Mocha [UK] … available at Dwell for US readers.


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