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Prosciutto Crisps – Yum!

Move over, bacon – these prosciutto crisps are super crispy, extra tasty, and about 30-40 calories LESS per serving.  I got my “bacon” fix at breakfast this morning by popping a few slices of prosciutto in the microwave.

Place slices between 2 paper towels and microwave for about 1-1:30 (or until they look nice and crunchy).  So simple.

I’ll never say goodbye to bacon (impossible), but these are a pretty close stand-in.  I’ve crumbled them over a salad, made a PLT, and put them on a pizza.  I love how super crispy they are – because the slices are so much thinner, you really get a good crunch.  It’s kind of like a potato chip.  Only better.  Try them … seriously.  Do it.


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Winter Picnic

I have spring fever … or maybe it’s just cabin fever, but either way I am longing for sunshine and warm breezes and days spent playing outside.  I guess that’s why Ava and I decided to do something different for lunch the other day.  We had a picnic.

A sheet, little sandwiches, veggies, and homemade blueberry muffins brought a little bit of sunshine to our winter routine.

Ava thought it was pretty cool to not have to sit at the table.  She cleaned her plate and then danced around the room singing, “we’re on a picnic … la la la la la”.  We might have to make this a regular thing.

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This is What Lunch Looks Like

We try to dine out at least once a week.  If you have children, you know it is not as relaxing as it used to be when you and your significant other got to go out solo.  This is what eating with Ava can look like:

This was our lunch stop at Honky Tonk BBQ in Pilsen  We thought she’d behave in the booth.  Oh, were we wrong.  And yes, one of those pictures is her UNDER the table.  I guess she wasn’t in the mood for barbecue.  She did however like the live music [the musician even played an old-timey country version of Twinkle Twinkle Little Star for her] and the old horse they had in the back, that still worked when you put a quarter in!

I was big fan of one of their pieces of art on the wall … made out of old yardsticks.

Despite Ava’s antics, we left with full stomachs and smiles.  Next time we’ll remember to bring along the ipad. [wink]

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