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Take Their Knitting Needles Away

I’ve been short on time this week and am super short on time today as we are heading up to Peekskill and Cold Spring, NY to check out a house and drive around, so I am relying on Craftster to give me what I need to get you your weekly dose of funny, weird, and interesting finds!


That is a crocheted salad hat.  Yes, a salad hat.  You wear what you eat??? [groan]

This next one was listed under the title, “Awesome new tiny shirt!” … um, she can’t be serious, can she?  Did she run out of yarn?  Is the shirt for someone else?  I don’t get it … apparently, neither does she. [Sorry!]


I thought I had seen it all, but onesies with the faces of the cast of Law & Order SVU stitched into them?!?!?  You are under arrest.  [Although I must admit that the embroidery work is pretty good.]


And now I will leave you with this weird “How To” instructional guide find.  “How to Know What to Carry in Your Purse“.  Seriously, if you need a ‘how to’ guide for this, you don’t deserve a purse.

Catch you Monday!!! XO

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