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Kids Clothes that I Want to Wear

Yesterday I happened upon Nonchalant Mom while flipping through the latest issue of La Petite [a beyond adorable online mag “to inspire you to create on the canvas of motherhood” … fashion, design – everything a mini you would want].  Some of the best kids clothing I have seen.  Some of it is a little pricey, but sometimes we splurge to look good, so why shouldn’t we treat our kids?  Anyway, my favorite look is by Nico Nico.  Their stuff looks so cozy – I must find someone that makes an adult version of this outfit … and some great knee high combat-inspired boots [for myself and for Ava!].

baby / tots

Lullaby and Goodnight?

Getting Ava to sleep at night has always been a challenge, but since she learned to stand up in her crib it seems like ‘Mission Impossible’.  She is getting a little better every night, but still resists and still wakes up once or twice before morning.  Her bedtime routine begins around 6pm when we put away her toys and she gobbles down her dinner.  Then we read a story and it’s off to the bath.  By 7:30pm she is ready to nurse and fall asleep … but the minute she realizes she has been placed in her crib, her eyes pop open and the panic sets in.  Mike and I take turns laying her back down, soothing her back to sleep, and tiptoeing around the house until it sticks [usually around 9pm].  I wish that were the end of it, but around 12am and 3am the monitor starts to shriek and coo.  At this point, I am used to sleeping in three hour intervals and I find comfort in knowing that eventually she will sleep through the night [pretty please].


Yesterday I posted some sleepytime luxuries for mommies – today it’s all about the babers

Ava loves bathtime.  We give her a few squirty toys to play with and then we sing our baby massage song [“You get a baby massage … because you work so hard” – silly, but she likes it], while I squeeze and wash her tiny chubby body with Angel Baby Shampoo & Body Wash.  No phthalates, no sodium laureth sulfate, no toxins of any kind … just pure, gentle, and organic – just like baby.


Massage your baby by hand or with these organic terry washcloths [trimmed in pink, blue, green or yellow wool] from Lolababiez Organics.


I will admit that for some people reusable baby wipes may not be the most practical choice, but they really are simple and oh so soft and environmentally friendly … Soylicious Bummy Wipes from Smq Organics.


Now baby is ready for sleep [fingers crossed] and ready to be wrapped up in something soft and smelling like mommy [I sleep with Ava’s blankets for a night or two … she is spoiled rotton!].  Try this silky soft blanket from babysoy [comes in a variety of colors].

soyblanketNothing is too good for baby.  We try our best to keep everything in Ava’s life pure and simple … the way life should be.

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