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Have Your [Cup]cake and Eat It Too

Since today is a holiday and I have things to do, I’m only going to talk about one think I like … one thing I really like.  CUPCAKES!!!!  Sweet, moist, yummy in my tummy cupcakes.  Last time I was visiting my family back in Ohio, my gramma showed up with an entire box full of cupcakes.  I think I ate one at every meal [or maybe it was one for every meal].  Thanks for all of the extra sit-ups, gramma.  Thanks alot.

Now you can have the deliciousness without all of the guilt … Organic Cupcakes [that taste anything but bland].  These delectable beauties come from cupcake yum. yum, who even have their own cupcake blog! [And they are from my home state!]

Chocolate Raspberry – Thick brownie cake w/ raspberry glaze and chocolate mousse


The Buckeye! – Dark chocolate cake, creamy peanut butter buttercream, & chocolate ganache


Cupcake yum. yum uses all natural ingredients [ie – local, organic, fair trade, etc] and none of the “bad stuff’ [ie – oils, dyes, preservatives, etc.] and has some really original flavors to choose from.  They also do cakes.  I am definitely putting them on my wedding cake list.  5 screams from Furious Shirley [out of 5, so that’s goooood]

Another popular cupcake spot is here in New York – BabyCakes NYC. They specialize in vegan and gluten free sweets and sweeten most of their products with agave nectar.  They have a blog too [apparently baking blogs are all the rage] and just put out a cookbook!  They bake cookies, cupcakes, breads, brownies, etc.  I need some [soy] milk.  Catch you tomorrow.  Happy Memorial Day.

Clink on image for more info on the cookbook!

babycakes cookbook

FYI – I’m taking Tuesday off this week.  Recouperating from a fun-filled, but oh so busy weekend!!  Will be back for Wednesday’s “I’m Hungry” posts!

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