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I Have a Baby, You Have a Baby – Let’s Hang Out

Since we only know one or two people here in Chicago [and no one else with a baby], I signed up for a couple of those meet-up groups for parents.  As one new mom I’ve been chatting with stated, “It’s like internet dating for lonely moms,”.  I wouldn’t necessarily consider myself lonely, but I am lacking in the friends with babies department.  I think that [especially in the case of first time moms] an outlet to share, compare, brag, and yes, even complain is an important part of motherhood.  There are never-ending lists of groups for every type of mothering style and personality [artsy moms, holistic moms, stay at home moms, etc.] and message boards with topics ranging from baby food recipes to pooping schedules.  Some meet-ups are for just moms to get together and chat over coffee, but most are playdates and get-togethers so your little ones can interact while you get time to converse with other moms in a situation like your own.  We haven’t attended any events yet, but are signed up to go to a Halloween party for babes too young to trick-or-treat.  I know that Ava will have a good time and I’m hoping Mike and I can meet some other parents we might actually like hanging out with.  It’s weird how your criteria for friendship changes once you have a baby.  We used to go out all the time and meet people at parties and local bars, but now we stay in and pray Ava will go to bed on time so we can have a few minutes to ourselves in front of the TV.  Gone are the days of being party animals and staying out until dawn … now we buy stuffed animals and wake up at sunrise.  And I wouldn’t trade it for anything.

Have a meet-up story you’d like to share?  Email me!!  XO

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