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We Got A Dog!

I know, I’ve been horrible about posting lately.  My excuses?  I was sick, then Ava was sick, then I got sick again, and then Ava again.  I’ve also had a bad case of  the ‘I’m Sooo Over Winter’ blues.  And we just adopted a dog.


This is Sufjan.  (Pronounced Soof e yahn, but Ava says it has to be said like this – Soof john.)  That was the name the shelter gave him and it just stuck.  We haven’t even had him a week yet and we are already totally in love with him.  We had been talking about getting a dog, but still hadn’t decided that it was the right time.  Sometimes we would randomly stop by a shelter and have a looksie, but it wasn’t until we met this little guy that we had some serious thinking to do.


As Ava was walking past his room at PAWS, he jumped up at the door and began pawing at the window.  Ava knelt down next to it and started pawing back.  It was adorable and went on for a few minutes.  We had a private meeting with him and he just seemed so sweet .. and so sad.  Three days later we brought him home.  So far, he is totally awesome.  House trained, crate trained, great on the leash, doesn’t mind our cats, and kind of lazy.  I think he’s starting to like us too.  But I do wonder what kind of life he had… someone obviously took the time to train him and care for him (he is btwn 5 and 7 years old).  He was picked up as a stray, which seems odd because he’s such a sweet little guy.  I do feel like he’s missing someone and I hope we can make him feel safe and happy with us.


We had to take Sufjan for his check-up on Saturday and while we were waiting to be seen, this chubbers walked in.  Is that a fat wiener dog or what?!  We were trying not to crack up.  Poor guy!  LOL

Have a great day! XO

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Furry Frenzy

I love soft furry things and two persian cats just aren’t enough.

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Meet Pixie

This is Pixie.  Better known around our house as Pixielicious.

We have had her almost two years.  Isn’t she just adorable?

She likes to jump on my chest at 5am demanding to be petted, never lets me use the bathroom by myself, and lets Ava chase her around the house and put bows in her hair.  Meow.


Halloween Costumes for Your Pets

This is our cat, Biggles.


I was planning on putting her into a cute pink argyle sweater with a choker collar and saddle shoe booties to make her a sock hop cat for Halloween, but she has other ideas.  Maybe if I could get her to come out from under the bed I could make another attempt at getting the sweater on, but right now not even treats can lure her.

If you have a more cooperative pet, there are some outrageously cute and outrageously ridiculous costumes you can buy or make for your four pawed companions.  At Pampered Whiskers, a portion of your purchase is donated to shelters and rescue organizations [more info on their site] so you can feel extra good about putting a sombrero or crown on your dog or cat.



Down Under Dog Designs can turn your pooch into the Big Bad Wolf [custom sizing available]!


Ever wondered what your dog or cat would look like with braided hair or an afro or long golden locks?  You can buy pet wigs like this “Heidi Hound Hat” at Trixie + Peanut!


They have a great selection of costumes [like this “Leap Frog Hoodie” – omg!] and tons of pet accessories.  If you’re NYC, you can visit their flagship store on E. 20th!


And if you’re up for making something on your own, how about turning your beloved Fido into a Corn Dog?!?!  Love it!  You can find the instructions at Doggie Stylish, where artist Karen Friesecke and her ‘spokesmodel’ Jersey offer lots of great products and tutorials [check out her blog].


Happy HOWLoween!! XO!

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