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Accessories for the Ring Bearer

I am sitting on the sofa staring at my computer screen while Ava takes a nap.  Now is my chance to type away uninterrupted and of course, I am drawing a blank!  It’s too hot to think – even with the A/C running.  Or maybe it’s my rumbling stomach reminding me that I skipped breakfast.  Now the big decision for the day – do I make something to eat, sit and wait for the words to come to me, or start cleaning the bathroom?  I was recently reading an article by Kacy Faulconer in Parents magazine titled, “39 Things Every Mom Should Know” and number 3 was ” Do your chores while kids are awake.  Using up naptime to wash dishes or clean the bathroom is truly soul-crushing”, so I guess I’ll keep typing … or make a grilled cheese.

My stomach won.  I made a delicious grilled cheese [cheddar] on organic whole wheat sourdough we got at the Farmers’ Market this weekend.  Yum.  Ava woke up [on cue] just as I sat down to eat it.  Ahhhhh……..What was I blogging about?  Motherhood sidetracks me sometimes.

The ring bearer is part of the wedding tradition dating back to ancient Egyptian times when jewels were presented on ornamental pillows during the ceremony.  When the exchanging of rings became a part of getting married, these traditions were combined.  In today’s weddings, the ring bearer is usually a young boy related to the bride or groom who carries the rings down the aisle on a pillow.  Some couples have the actual rings loosely sewn onto the pillow with thread, while others leave the rings with the best man and send the bearer down the aisle with fakes.  We will have my nephew, Taylor, carry our rings for us … and I haven’t decided if we will go with a traditional pillow or one of these beautiful custom bowls from Paloma’s Nest.


If we do go the traditional route, Emici Bridal has a wonderful selection of pillows to choose from.


Nothing is cuter than children dressed to the nines in loads of tulle [girls] and cute little tuxes [boys].  Taylor will be wearing a tuxedo for our ceremony and thanks to Me and Matilda, I have tons of great handmade bow ties to choose from – love the colors and patterns!



There is also a whole bunch of ring bearer gear out there for your dog, but I’m saving that for a post I have in the works for animal attire.  Okay, the babers is eating a magazine.  Gotta run.  XOX!

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