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Daydreaming of Sleep

On Saturday we drove to the grocery mecca, Stew Leonard’s, for what turned out to be one of the most stressful shopping experiences of our lives.  The store itself was awesome [They make their own cheeses, breads, chips, pastries, etc., are stocked with fresh from the farm produce, bottle their own milk, and even have an ice cream shop and barbecue!] and it was humongous, but still not big enough for the massive crowds of people trying to maneuver their carts through the labyrinth aisles.  There was no strolling or taking time to look around … always someone right behind you asking you to pull out of the way or hurry up.  We didn’t even make it into the pantry or garden sections – we had reached the point of “let’s just go home”.  Regardless, we now have a packed refrigerator and freezer that should keep us well fed for a few weeks.  After putting all of the groceries away, we headed over to Lodge for a Bloody Mary and to visit with a few friends before calling it a day.

Yesterday, Mike finally got to put his Father’s Day gift [a grill] to use.  We packed up steaks and corn and potato salad and drove to Meadow Lake at Corona Park in Queens for our first family barbecue.  It was so nice relaxing on the blankets … and Ava was the best – she was scared of the grass so she was content to sit and play and let mommy and daddy feast.  We got a bit turned around on the way home and what should have been a fifteen minute drive took over an hour, but we made it – stuffed and exhausted ….. which brings me to today’s topic – SLEEP.

Ah yes, SLEEP.  I can’t get enough of it – literally, so the zzz’s I do manage to squeeze in need to count.  These little sleepytime luxuries will help soothe you into a pampered slumber that will almost make you feel like you got eight hours of uninterrupted shut eye.  Oh how I miss those days…

Pop some soothing oils and calming scents into your bath with these fizzy Lavender Bath Bombs [handmade by Serendipity Soap Works in Colorado Springs], soak your overworked muscles [carrying a baby around can really do a number on your back!], and just sit back and soak it all away.


After your bath, take care of those tired eyes with a rejuvinating cream like Temptress Rosewater Facial Cream by Hush Hush Essentials.  Their natural formula is vegan, paraben free, and gentle enough for those with sensitive skin.


Now that you’re calm and well moisturized, slip your feet into a pair of soft, cushiony slippers like these Sporty Spa Thongs from Acorn.


When it’s time to curl up under the covers for that tranquil, peace-filled sleep you’ve been dreaming of, slide a sleep mask over those weary eyes to help lull yourself to sleep.  I love this rainbow pattern from Bib Bon


…and this polka dot mask from Handmade Classics with a color coordinated pouch is totally cute [and travel friendly!].


Now you have everything you need to catch some well deserved rest … except maybe the time.  Ah………..

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