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Feel Good In Organic Shoes From Payless

In case you haven’t heard, Payless now carries a line of eco-friendly footwear [all styles under $30].  The line is made by zoe & zac and are packaged in recycled boxes printed with soy-based inks.  The styles are fashioned out of organic cotton, hemp, nickel-free hardware, etc. … and most importantly, they look pretty good.  Here are a few of my favorite summer looks:


Learn more about these green shoes by clicking here. XO!


In the Mood for Summer

It’s time for some fun fun fun in the bright summer sun!  I often find myself dressing to match my mood without even thinking about it.  Darker colors when I’m feeling down or it’s gloomy outside and brighter colors when I’m happy and the sun is shining.  Today’s playful fashion picks were chosen to put you in the mood for some summertime fun!

This top, made by clothing brand Crystal, puts me in the mood for watermelon and rainbow sherbert!


How can you not think about cotton candy and pink lemonade when you look at these luscious earrings by Wild Woman Jewelry?  So simple, and so pretty.


This fabulous pencil skirt by Alex & Ra was inspired by the movement of the waves and makes me feel like it’s the Fourth of July.  The color is so vivid – a definite head turner!


Feel as free as a butterfly when you wear this charm necklace I found at The Bonbi Forest.


I love this turquoise straw cloche [bell] hat – fashioned by the owner of New Orleans’ Funky Monkey Boutique.  The giant red poppy just screams ‘strolling in the park on a beautiful summer day’ to me.


One of my favorite summer colors is bright, crisp green.  When I look at it, I think of two things – freshly cut grass and lime flavored freeze pops.  Both of which are awesome in their own way.  This swimsuit by Emobi in Australia is also awesome in its own way … made using environmentally friendly water based dyes combined with breathable UPF 50+ fabric.  You can order Emobi online at BeachBliss.


The colors on this cuff bracelet by Strat Designs remind me of the smell of coconut scented tanning lotion and are the perfect scheme to accent a great [fake] tan.



NY Stylist, Katyi Haugh’s Top 5 Summer Must Haves


Who better to get fashion advice from than a New York City stylist?  Kayti Haugh attended the University of Georgia, Fashion Institue of New York, and Polimoda in Italy, and currently spends her days [and sometimes nights] combining her “nomadic spirit and wanderlust” for life with her knock-out fashion sense.  She has been working in NY, LA, and Europe as a freelance stylist since 2005 on magazine editorials, celebrity photo shoots, lookbooks, costume design for commercials, and more.  I asked Kayti to pick her Top 5 Summer Must Haves and the result is a fabulous look that will definitely make you the envy of all your friends [and who doesn’t want that?!]!

Must Have #1:  WHITE JEANS [or light colored jeans]

“I love the look of something fresh this summer and white / light washes deliver that.  I like to pair white with a cool patterned oxford shirt, sleeves rolled, or with a colorful summer blouse.  With light washes, I try to create a monochromatic look… these gray Uniqlo jeans fit great and look effortlessly chic with a white v-neck shirt.”

Uniqlo Sabrina Skinny Jean in Gray

[Click Image for Details]


Madewell Rail Straight Jean in White



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Summer Romance Fashion Finds

Every now and then I like to get ‘all dolled up’ for no particular reason at all – curl my hair, slip into something soft and frilly, and have a glamorous day.  Just looking at this handmade embroidery lace dress by Life is Only Illusion makes me feel pretty.  The belt is detachable and the dress can be custom made to fit your size.  $76USD.


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