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Christmas Table Inspiration

Ah, Christmastime.  My favorite holiday.  Even more awesome now that I’m a mom.  Christmas is a time for people to go ‘all out’ … and not just in regards to buying presents.  Christmas dinner [or breakfast for some] is a big deal too and the table has to be just perfect.  Here is a collection of beautiful Christmas tables to help inspire your own amazing feast.

via Ben Newton

[These cute table decorations were made using foam balls and then inserting lollipops and curly ribbon with wire.]

via penguincakes

[Festive Red & Gold]

via Pierre Andrews

[Candlelight Dinner]

via Hannah Webster

[Neat & Pretty Presents]

via Theresa N.

[Natural Beauty w/ Wood and Apples]

via wondoroo

[Gingerbread – Green, Brown, & Gold.  Fancy & Playful]

via Robert

[Classic Christmas Feast]

via Ed Seymour

[You don’t always have to go Red & Green to make things festive – Loving the Blue!]

via Maggie

[Simple Stars & Votives for some Holiday Cheer]

via Postscript Love

[This is my favorite.  Simple, Pretty, Inviting.  Merry Christmas]

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